• Double Chamber Gold Adscessio Cuff {Personalized Cremation Urn Bracelet}

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    The Adscessio cremation urn bracelet is made from 24k gold plated stainless steel and will never rust or tarnish. The cuff is very thick, solid, and sturdy and measures approximately 1.25" at the opening with a 2.38" at it's widest. The cuff will comfortably fit a 6"-7.5" wrist. The double ended version has two chambers, one on each end of the cuff.

    The cuff is not adjustable, so please make sure of your size before ordering. If you need help determining your size, please contact me for help. The cuff itself is the urn and can be filled by loosening the screws on each end of the cuff. The cuff has been designed to hold a small amount of ash. The ends of the cuff can be personalized (up to 20 characters on each end) with your choice of names, short quotes, dates, etc.

    To fill the bracelet, simply remove the screw from the end and use a mini funnel to insert a small amount of dust into the pendant. It is recommended to place a drop of glue on the end of the screw before tightening to ensure the remains stay sealed airtight forever.

    Handmade takes time. Please view my FAQ for current production times.