The Sad Basset came to be after searching high and low for military jewelry that was affordable and fit my own personal style. TSB has been through many evolutions, from beaded jewelry to nametape bracelets before settling on personalized hand stamped pieces and branching out to other interests as well. TSB is a one woman show (ok, maybe with a little help from my long suffering husband, my rambunctious pre-schooler, and my every faithful Basset Hound, Chloe, who takes lots of naps in the name of moral support), creating unique custom hand stamped jewelry and accessories one letter and symbol at a time. I use primarily base metals such as aluminum, copper and bronze in my work because I love the rustic look and lightweight feel. Aluminum is also a great sterling silver alternative as it will not tarnish.

If you're looking for a piece with a little more weight, I do use sterling silver, fine silver, and gold in my higher end pieces. I also pair them with leather, gemstones, and Swarovski crystals to make beautiful, affordable, meaningful and truly personalized creations.